The shape and purpose of life

Different things flash in different minds as the word “life” is mentioned. There are almost as many different definitions of life as there are definitions of life, not that they are all contradicting each other, but that they come from different perspectives, experiences or observation points.

Should one be successful in life, there must be a degree of the understanding of the nature of “life”.  A safe definition of a successful life can be defined as the achievement one’s life purpose.

Knowing ones purpose will affect ones experience in many ways. One of them will be that all of one’s action’s will be with a cause that aggregates to the ultimate fulfillment of one’s life purpose. Such a life would be characterized by confidence, one would know what they are saying and why they are saying it. One would not need to speak when there is no cause to, for one would know the cause for all that needs to be spoken. This not only applies to verbal actions, but also applies to none verbal actions. One will not need to do anything that has no cause, for all that will be done will be done because of a cause, that will ultimately  culminate to the fulfillment of one’s life purpose, without which one would risk not fulfilling their life’s purpose.

Decisions such as career are to be governed by one’s life purpose.

The nature of life is such that anything can be made out it, relative to the available opportunities and resources. Maximizing what can be gotten out of life depends on what is made of the opportunities along with the degree to which the available resources are utilized.

E.g. an artist’s tools can be a paper, pencils and an eraser. With these, the artist can create any image on the paper, but the type of image that can be produced depends they type of tools that are available and the degree to which the artist is able to utilize the available tools to their capacity.

The image produced is an analogy of the experience or the fruits or the works of our lives, the tools are the resources that we have at our disposal. The resources can be talent / skill, property or anything that is at our disposal. We are the artist who uses the tools to produce the image or the life experience.

Should the artist need colored pencils to produce a colored image, the artist will make provision to get them. So also can we influence the availability of the tools that will be needed to produce the desired image or experience. Simply because the tools are not there is not a good enough reason for not producing the desired image.

The artist seized that opportunity to produce an image.

The limit of the image is up to the artists imagination, the artists skills (which can be improved) and the available tools, so also is the shape of life. We define it.

But how do we know what type of image needs to be produced? So that we may know whether to get colored pencils or not? One will need to know their purpose in life that they may know the right experiences that need to be produced with the available tools so that their ultimate purpose in life may be realized.

So how will you know your life’s purpose? Search, ask the right questions, be true and honest with yourself and with your dealings with other people, share what you know to uplift others, do that which you know is right and true, and as you do that which you know, you will know that which you don’t.

How will you know that you have found it? You will know, for your will no longer be looking for it.


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